sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Analysis of the ParteienStaat, Partitocrazia or State of Parties

The aim of this article is to explain briefly, one the biggest fraud in the political history, the system created by the countries defeated in World War Two with the support of the Allied forces, the ParteienStaat or  States of Parties or Partitocrazia. This system has been copied from the countries defeated in the war to the rest of countries in Europe, with some exception like France, Britain and Switzerland, and also as more European creations, to the rest of the world.

The state of parties, or particracy is a political system that we can be defined with the following two key characteristics:

1.- No Representation.

       According to the definition of the biggest German constitutionalist Gerhard Leibholz, it is a system he said, where there is no rest of REPRESENTATION, as he argued to have achieved something better. And that is "The Integration of the masses in the state". ( That could be the ideal of a crazy totalitarist, isn´t it?)

2.- There is no separation of powers.       
       i.e. In Spain there is one elections for the parliament (Elecciones Generales)                              
      Then the Parliament(legislative power) nominates, the executive power (gobierno)
       After that the parliament chooses the ruling board of Judicial power (Consejo General del Poder Judicial)
So, in this system one party that win one general election, like the Popular Party in Spain , can put in the hands of Rajoy the power to:      
  1. Pass a law.
  2. Execute that law  
  3. Nominate the judge to dictaminate according to that law.
So now Mr. Rajoy with the 3 powers in one hand and no checks no balances, and without representation, all that powers haven´t given by the people, so can perfectly call that system as a 4 year dictatorship.
This system is corrupted from his origins, but in Italy before and in Spain, for cultural reasons, now has showed their worst face, the ECONOMICAL CORRUPTION.

But, once the problem is identify, we have to talk about SOLUTIONS, stop moaning and start paving the way to solve it.
And there are 2 clear an easy solutions.
  1. A change the electoral law to set up a Representative system (like in France, US or Britain). Uninomial mayoritarian with double turn.
  2. The creation of a new Constitution that guarantees the full and total separation of powers from the source to the end.

Obviously the actual political class will not accept to loose their privilege as being a 4 year tyrant, But WE THE PEOPLE have to stop giving them our support and our vote. Without the support of the people, the ilegitimate State of Party will found itself unable to rule the nation and will be unable to impose its rule.

Then the people will be ready to ask peacefully and firmly a period of "Constituent Freedom" where the people will freely and without any pressure from outside, will choose the from of State and Government that it wants.
The first pillar of the state of parties, the PSOE fall last in Nov 2011, the last one, the PP is colapsing after discovering its dirty and mafia-style founding methods.